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About Us

Cube Junction is a 100% Bruneian company which offers an E-Commerce and Social Network platform for businesses to conduct their business easily and securely on the internet.Cube Junction is also teaming up with AFL Hong Kong, an international logistics service provider, and Kargolink Indonesia, a fully integrated air, sea and land freight forwarding company.

Cube Junction's objectives are:

  • To promote and help Nano, Micro and SME businesses to market and sell their products online, either locally or internationally.
  • To have a system that is beneficial and easy for both buyers and sellers to use. Buyers and sellers can liaise and communicate with each other in real-time on Cube Junction's Social Network platform.
  • To be the premier E-Commerce platform for the ASEAN + Three (China, Japan and Korea) region.
  • To establish an Online-To-Offline (O2O) outlet in locations across the ASEAN + Three region.
  • To promote Halal products ranging from food, cosmetics, apparels, footwear and various others.
  • To promote Brunei as a Regional Halal Hub.

Features of Cube Junction:

  • Hybrid of social network and marketplace on one platform.
  • Promotion and marketing of products.
  • Fast and secure payment gateway.
  • Fast and secure server.
  • Interactive and user friendly.
  • Prices are automatically converted to user's local currency and exchange rates are updated every hour.
  • 7 days a week technical support.
  • Standards, online policies and regulations are overseen by National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Brunei Darussalam (NCCIBD).